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Office Internet

Get Uninterrupted Internet Speed for Your Office With Shyamdata Network

The future of high speed fibre technology, delivered at your homes and offices. We are staffed by a team of techno savvy engineers on a mission to save you from, outdated copper networks with our new future-proof fibre packages!
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A Must For Business

Ultra-fast, reliable internet

Specially designed for smaller enterprises, the Business Essentials solution offers you full preparation for business operations.

  • 500 MBPS

  • Unlimited data

  • 4999/mo GST extra

  • Installation 5000/- one time

  • One static IP fREE

  • Priority support.


Broadband Internet Connection


Unlimited Internet

Worry-free data consumption with unlimited data and carry-over data.


Superb Speed

Constant speed up to 500 MBPS to ensure your business stays operational without hiccups.


High Performance

Hassel-free functioning of even the most data-hungry apps.

How It Works?

Step 1

Customer shares requirement with Shyamdata.

Customer shares relevant information regarding International voice process like calling country, monthly calling minutes, agents for calling, bandwidth details etc.

Step 2

Shyamdata understands the customer's requirements.

Shyamdata analyses, understands and ensures the requirements for the business growth and suggests solution & shares commercial price.

Step 3

Testing by customer & Production VoIP account can be created.

Testing is conducted by the business users on a particular environment and upon successful testing SIP account gets created.

Step 4

Customer service live.

Customers can enjoy domestic business calling at lowest rates.

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