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About Shyamdata

Get Uniterrupted Internet Streaming With Shyamdata Network

The future of high speed fibre technology, delivered at your homes and offices. We are staffed by a team of techno savvy engineers on a mission to save you from, outdated copper networks with our new future-proof fibre packages!

About Us

Ultra-fast, reliable internet

Shyamdata Broadband powered by RCN is an award-winning*, high-speed internet provider offering reliable and affordable internet services in your city, with Gig Internet speeds up to 1024* Mbps.

Shyamdata primarily focuses on providing fixed wireless broadband to areas of the city that are currently under-served by traditional telecom and cable companies. The company's current network footprint covers Delhi and NCR region targeting to cover the addressable market of entire country homes, as well as small to mid-size businesses. We are always driving towards a better and more exciting future for our clients. We have pioneered the art of providing affordable Internet leasline and dedicated bandwidth for the commercial segment market.

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Message From The Director


With the blessings of my family and friends, I founded Shyam data in 2018. Little did I know that a small-town boy from a humble background would be able to accomplish this much in life. All of this was made possible by our firm executives who worked diligently to make it happen, as well as our partners and clients who put their faith in us throughout our journey. The relationships that we developed throughout our journey enabled us to take risks. With an aim to provide best internet experience to our consumers and a learning zeal to understand the market trends and latest technological advancements, Dheeraj has led shyamdata to get some good client in his bucket and looking forward to achieve more success and be a recognizable name.

My vision for the company has evolved over time, from an initial goal of developing a trustworthy firm to a new vision of a self-sufficient identity. 

Dheeraj Johari


How It Works?

Step 1

Customer shares requirement with spectra

Customer shares relevant information regarding International voice process like calling country, monthly calling minutes, agents for calling, bandwidth details etc.

Step 2

Spectra understands the customer's requirements

Spectra analyses, understands and ensures the requirements for the business growth and suggests solution & shares commercial price.

Step 3

Testing by customer & Production VoIP account can be created

Testing is conducted by the business users on a particular environment and upon successful testing SIP account gets created.

Step 4

Customer service live

Customers can enjoy domestic business calling at lowest rates.

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